Dr. Curt and Dr. Grant Draeger Support Athletes at Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon


The Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon last month showcased exceptional performances and fierce competition. Among the athletes vying for a spot in the upcoming Paris Olympics were several heptathletes and decathletes who kept their competitive edge with the expertise of some of the best in sports chiropractic care: Dr. Curt Draeger, Dr. Grant Draeger, and Dr. Jackson Draeger of Integrated Pain Solutions and Midwest Pain Solutions.


Bringing Expertise to the Track

Invited by athletes competing for a spot on the 2024 Summer Olympics team, the Draeger trio provided specialized chiropractic techniques and high-intensity laser therapy. Dr. Curt Draeger and his sons, Dr. Grant and Dr. Jackson, treated multiple athletes during the trials, ensuring they performed at their peak when it mattered most.

“Treatment was carried out at Lane 5 CrossFit, conveniently located just around the corner from Hayward Field,” said Dr. Curt Draeger. “The gym’s owner, Tom Pappas, a former Olympian I used to treat, has maintained a lasting relationship with us. I appreciate the opportunity to visit his gym whenever we are working with athletes in Eugene.”


Aiding Top Performers

Among the standout athletes treated by the Draegers was decathlete Harrison Williams, who secured a spot in the Olympics by placing third in the trials. The Draegers also treated heptathletes Annie Kunz and Michelle Atherley, with Michelle finishing an impressive fourth.

Heptathlons and decathlons are among the most grueling events in athletics, encompassing a range of disciplines from sprints and jumps to throws and distance runs. These competitions span two days and test an athlete’s speed, strength, endurance, and skill. The variety and intensity of these events put immense strain on an athlete’s body, making them highly susceptible to injuries and pain.

“Integrated Pain Solutions’ exclusive treatment protocols and 500-watt therapeutic laser are essential tools for elite athletes looking to reduce pain and recovery time,” said Dr. Grant Draeger. “The therapy uses focused light energy to penetrate deep into tissues. The enhanced circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, speeding up the body’s natural healing processes. Additionally, the technology reduces inflammation and pain by targeting damaged tissues and encouraging cellular repair.”


Next Stop, Paris

Just like those advancing to the Games, the Draegers’ journey doesn’t end in Eugene. The trio will be traveling to Paris in a few weeks to continue supporting athletes. For nearly two decades, Dr. Curt’s expertise has been Team USA’s secret weapon, ensuring athletes are in peak condition for competition. His contributions span five Olympic Games, beginning with the 2004 Games in Athens and continuing through Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and now Paris in 2024.

“It was a successful trip to Eugene, helping treat multiple athletes competing in the Olympic trials, one of which advanced to the Olympics,” said Dr. Curt Draeger. “Being able to do this alongside my two sons is such a blessing I will always remember and be forever thankful for the memories we all made.”


The Integrated Pain Solutions Advantage

The advanced techniques and technology enjoyed by these Olympic athletes are available to all patients at Integrated Pain Solutions. Committed to addressing pain at its root source, the Integrated Pain Solutions team believes every pain is treatable and offers the chiropractic care and technologies to prove it.

Integrated Pain Solutions’ dual approach, using chiropractic therapies and FDA-cleared high-intensity laser technology, not only provides immediate pain relief but also promotes long-term healing and recovery. Drugs, injections, and surgeries aren’t the only options for patients. Dr. Curt’s and Dr. Grant’s expertise extends to treating a wide range of conditions, including sports injuries, joint and muscle pain, arthritis, and overuse injuries.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or dealing with chronic pain from everyday activities, Integrated Pain Solutions offers personalized treatment plans to help you live free of pain. For more information about how Integrated Pain Solutions can help you, visit or call them today to schedule a consultation.

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