High Intensity Laser Therapy Success Stories

Integrated Pain Solutions of Wisconsin is dedicated to changing lives. We are proud to offer our customized solutions to clients from Olympians to weekend warriors to sufferers of chronic pain.

Whether you have lower back pain, neck pain, or need injury rehabilitation, Integrated Pain Solutions can help.

  • Our FDA-cleared high intensity laser therapy is a unique treatment option which delivers healing light energy to reduce pain, minimize swelling, soften scar tissue, and reset the chronic pain cycle - all while healing damaged tissues at the cellular level.
  • Our satisfied clients who have experienced high intensity laser therapy range from Olympic gold medalists to professional football players to everyday people looking for chronic pain relief.
  • High intensity laser therapy has seen an 80 percent success rate at improving function and significantly decreasing pain symptoms, based on historical clinical outcomes for Integrated Pain Solutions’ patients.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what our patients have to say, in their own words, about the care they have received at Integrated Pain Solutions in Wisconsin.

Integrated Pain Solutions patient testimonials:

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