About Us

Integrated Pain Solutions in Mosinee and Antigo understands chronic pain and the impact it can have on your daily activities. We know that when bending down to tie your shoe gets tough, and when walking up the stairs becomes nearly impossible, you will start looking for a solution. Unfortunately, in this day and age, many view chronic pain as untreatable. Not us.

We are proud to say we will go where other doctors won’t. Integrated Pain Solutions stands behind the idea that every pain is treatable, and we offer advanced treatments and technologies that prove it. We have over 30 years of experience treating pain just like yours and countless success stories from our patients.

Our doctors have worked hard to design a treatment protocol that finally addresses the root cause of chronic pain. The form of High Intensity Laser Therapy utilized at our clinic is the result of years of research, advancements and innovations made by Dr. Curt Draeger himself. Using Laser Therapy, combined with our other treatment techniques, we have seen an 80% success rate in improving function and significantly decreasing chronic pain symptoms.

So, if you’ve been told you are out of options, you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion from our team. Let us help you take the first steps to winning your fight against chronic pain.

Meet Dr. Curt Draeger:
Dr. Curt Draeger

Meet Dr. Grant Draeger:
Dr. Grant Draeger