Chronic Pain

Testimonials are based on personal experiences from actual patients. Individual results depend on many factors and may vary from patient to patient. Integrated Pain Solutions cannot guarantee the outcome of any individual’s treatment.

David Cooper

Chronic Headaches

Daily headaches were taking a toll on David’s personal and professional life. He tried treating the condition through various stretching techniques and pain relievers, but nothing seemed to help...

Nick Koss

Achilles and Heel Pain

Nick felt increasingly frustrated after consulting with numerous podiatrists in search of relief from the debilitating pain in his Achilles and heel. Despite investing considerable time and money into treatments, he endured chronic pain that prevented him from being active for nearly a decade...

Craig Olson

Shoulder Pain

Following a shoulder injury, Craig endured constant pain and struggled to lift his arm above his head. And as the condition got progressively worse, tasks, such as putting on a sweater or t-shirt, became a daily challenge...

Susan Sayles

Knee & Back Pain

When Susan first began experiencing pain 10-15 years ago, she was diagnosed with an inoperable condition. Injections helped reduce the pain but limited her mobility. She struggled to exercise, bake and participate in activities she once loved. Susan also felt her doctor’s office didn’t treat her condition with the urgency it warranted...

Nancy Flath

Neck Pain, Arthritis, and Carpal Tunnel

After putting in years of hard work on her family’s farm, Nancy developed arthritis in her neck. The chronic pain had gotten to the level of severity where she found herself struggling to put on her socks. Nancy’s sister-in-law suggested she see a chiropractor, and she found Dr. Curt in the phonebook...

Peggy Jennejohn

Post Car Accident Pain

After 25 years spent crouching as a dental hygienist and a serious car accident, Peggy found herself experiencing nerve, shoulder and neck pain. Walking any kind of long distance or even doing laundry was incredibly difficult for her. Peggy tried icing, heat, muscle...

Scott Jennejohn

Back Pain

Scott always loved spending time in the woods, but after a failed laminectomy and other surgeries, his back pain made it harder to do the activities he enjoyed. While cutting logs, he had to take frequent breaks and had trouble standing. Painkillers did little to alleviate...

Rhonda Krohn

Post Neck Surgery Pain

After neck surgery, Rhonda’s mobility was severely limited. She was unable to complete housework or drive a car. Her quality of life had deteriorated.

Deborah Adler-Kreft

Foot, Hip & Back Pain

Deb had been experiencing foot, back, and hip pain for many years. She missed exercising and found herself unable to keep up with her husband and grandchildren...

Barbara Buehler

Leg, Hip & Back Pain

After years of suffering with leg, hip, and back pain from a sciatic nerve flare-up, Barb’s doctor recommended hip surgery. Barb, however, felt strongly that an operation wasn’t needed and that there had to be a less invasive treatment option that could address her condition...

Tonya Springer

Lower Spine Pain

When Tonya found herself struggling to get moving every morning due to severe arthritis in her lower spine, she began seeking out a solution to relieve her pain and improve her quality of life...

Rick Kist

Hip Pain

After a career in manufacturing, Rick had been walking with a limp for years and was experiencing hip pain and increased numbness in his leg. And once it began to affect his golf game and other activities, he knew it was time to do something about it...

Robert Heimerl

Lower Back Pain

Robert came to Integrated Pain Solutions after seeing a doctor for more than a year for lower back problems. He had been experiencing significant limitations in movement and constant pain. After receiving his no-cost consultation, Robert pursued treatment with Integrated Pain Solutions...

Jeffrey Walther

Back & Knee Pain

Jeff spent 18 years in active duty service, medicalling out in 2000 due to back pain. Eventually, the back pain also began to affect his time spent hunting. Jeff reached out to Integrated Pain Solutions after he found himself needing to make frequent stops while walking through the woods. At that...

Barbara Grezenski

Knee Pain

When Barbara set up her no-cost consultation with Integrated Pain Solutions, she was experiencing constant knee pain that was affecting her time spent walking with her granddaughters and her ability to stay active...

Jim Grezenski

Back Pain

While on the job, Jim fell off the loader on a log truck, injuring his back. He went to the emergency room and learned he had a compound fracture of the spine. Jim was in extreme pain and unable to brush his teeth or climb in and out of bed without help...

Jane Graham

Jane came to Integrated Pain Solutions after taking a tumble off her bike causing a shoulder injury. Jane experienced pain in her shoulder, causing inability to raise her arm over her head, shooting pain when she moved her arm in different directions, eventually causing a constant chronic pain. After hearing success stories from friends, and a no-cost consultation, Jane decided to start her...

Scott Bassler

Knee, Shoulder, & Wrist Pain

Scott has lived with aches and pains in his knee, shoulder, and wrist for years. It’s been a while since he’s played softball or other sports, but he’s still living with the pain. Scott’s wife also lives with chronic pain in her neck and, in the last year…

Pam Leick

Neck Injury

Around 10 months ago, Pam re-injured her neck that had been damaged in a previous injury nearly 26 years ago. Suddenly, she was in the most pain she’d ever been in before…

Lynell Huber

Excruciating Knee Pain

Lynell had excruciating pain in her right knee that made it challenging for her to walk or relax at night and kept her from doing things like shopping and driving.

After physical therapy, pain medication, a brace, and four hip surgeries, Lynell was looking for an alternative to her pain…

Phil Pionkowski

20 Years of Shoulder Pain

Phil experienced chronic shoulder pain for over 20 years after slipping and using his hand to catch himself. That constant pain affected his sleep and Phil even considered visiting a surgeon to find a solution to the pain…

Alan Petrashek

Severe Knee Pain

Sharping, stabbing knee pain was taking a large toll on Alan’s lifestyle. He couldn’t fall asleep at night and stopped doing the activities he used to enjoy. For nearly two to three years, Alan decided to ignore that serve pain, hoping that it would go away on its own.

His pain became so bad that Alan was spending most of his time…

Mary Bassler

Chronic Neck Pain

Mary experienced such extreme neck pain she found herself in a cervical collar while she would ride or drive in a car. Her inability to live without pain brought her large amounts of unhappiness. It wasn’t until she saw an advertisement on television and attended a chronic pain seminar for Integrated Pain Solutions that she found one last hope…

Kathy Guthman

Knee Pain and Muscle Inflammation

Kathy had fallen twice during the winter and suffered severe knee injuries. It was during this time that she discovered Integrated Pain Solutions, a discovery that she described as an answer to her prayers…

Amanda Olson

Shoulder Injury and Scar Tissue Buildup

Amanda found herself experiencing moderate to severe shoulder pain after being in a car accident in 2016. With three younger kids and a love for fun family activities, Amanda found doing the things she loved more and more difficult. Even holding her children became too painful…

Dan Geenan

Chronic Knee Soreness

After finding himself with severe knee pain and unable to participate in some of his favorite outdoor activities (such as hiking, hunting, fishing, and snowshoeing), Dan knew he had to get some help… That’s when he turned to Integrated Pain Solutions and found immediate relief…

Gordy Robertson

Chronic Hip Pain

Chronic hip pain brought Gordy to Integrated Pain Solutions. After his wife’s success at Integrated Pain Solutions, he knew he needed to give High Intensity Laser Therapy a try before needing a hip replacement. After treatment, Gordy was able to “get back to where he was before the pain started”…

Carolee Graf

Chronic Back Pain

Providing medical missionary work near the Amazon River in Brazil, Carolee found herself with constant back pain for almost 20 years. With limited access to services, Carolee recently began questioning whether or not she would be able to continue living with the pain in the jungle while helping others…

Monica Halverson

Alternative to Knee Replacement, Knee Pain, Scar Tissues

Monica’s knee pain kept her from riding her beloved horses. A doctor told her she was a perfect candidate for knee replacement – but feared that if the replacement didn’t work out, she’d never ride horses again. She found an alternative to knee replacement surgery at Integrated Pain Solutions…

Bonnie Evenson

Post-Surgical Knee Pain, Scar Tissue

Bonnie underwent double knee replacement surgery. While one knee healed beautifully, the other did not. For 3 years, she struggled through post-surgery rehab and therapy, only to remain in constant pain and unable to bend her leg. A TV ad about scar tissue led Bonnie to call Integrated Pain Solutions for…

Gary Huempfner

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, Back Pain, Scar Tissue

5 back surgeries, and still in chronic pain. Can you even imagine? Gary had been through 5 back surgeries, after the last surgery the doctor said that his arms ached due to the amount of scar tissue that had built up. And yet, Gary found himself in daily pain. It’s called Failed Back Surgery Syndrome…

Mary Brusky

Back Pain, Bulging Discs, Arthritis, Knee Pain

Mary suffered from excruciating back pain caused by bulging discs and arthritis along with knee pain. She was considering pain injections when she decided to get a no-cost consultation with Dr. Curt Draeger at Integrated Pain Solutions. High Intensity Laser Therapy has all but eliminated…

Jerry Simonis

Back Pain

Years of trucking driving left Jerry Simonis with constant low back pain, until he met Dr. Curt Draeger of Integrated Pain Solutions. High Intensity Laser Therapy has relieved his pain and enabled him to go back to living the life that he wants to live. For a no-cost consultation at our Green Bay or Antigo clinic…

Jane Hess

Back Pain, Leg Pain, Disk Degeneration

Jane Hess was an avid walker, stepping out 4-6 times a week for over 35 years – until excruciating back pain made it difficult to get out of bed, much less go for a walk. Jane was told that she needed back surgery, and she was “angry, miserable, and scared”. She wondered what her life would be like…

Jeff Dixon

Arthritis, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain

As a logging contractor, Jeff Dixon had a crew of workers who relied on him. But arthritis pain in his neck, back, and knees made it impossible to sleep and, on some days, he struggled to walk. Not only was his work suffering, he was missing out on playing with his 6 grandkids. Then Jeff found…

Sarah Cullen

Headache, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

Sarah Cullen had been living in chronic pain for over 20 years as a result of suffering a concussion as a small child. She had seen numerous doctors over the years who were unable to help her – until she met Dr. Curt Draeger and Dr. Lindsy Jaworski at Integrated Pain Solutions of Antigo…

Steve Schlei

Back Pain

As a contractor, Steve thought that having a sore back was just part of the territory. But it got to the point where his pain was so intense, he said it “felt like a knife in the middle of my back.” He’d tried chiropractic, physical therapy, prescription pain medications, and muscle relaxants – none of which…

Hugo Mielke

Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain

Hugo Mielke is a dairy farmer turned cheese salesman. Years of farming took a toll on his body, leaving him with shoulder pain, neck pain, and knee pain. After having “tried everything” he worried he was destined for a knee replacement. Multiple people recommended he go to Integrated Pain Solutions…

Jerry VanCauteren

Jerry VanCauteren came to Dr. Curt Draeger just over a year after having been in a car accident which left him in constant pain. He was frustrated by doctors who just gave him pills and told him to come back in a few months. In the meantime, his pain got progressively worse and worse, so he sought care…

Rosa Rank

Back Pain

Rosa Rank had been dealing with severe back pain for years, and it was gradually getting worse over time. She had tried cortisone shots, but not only did they not last, they weren’t fixing the problem – they just covered up the pain. Eventually, she was bed ridden, unable to walk, and miserable. After treatment…

Jolene Koeppel

Phantom Pain – Knee, Back, Neck Pain – Headaches

Jolene Koeppel lost her arm as a result of a farming accident as a young child. Since then, she’s suffered from phantom pains as well as a host of other problems including scoliosis, knee pain, back pain, limited mobility in her neck, upper body tension, and headaches. Like many who suffer from chronic pain…

Greg Wichmann

Failed Ankle Surgery

20 years ago, Greg Wichman of Bonduel broke his ankle and was still in pain more than two decades later. He had undergone an unsuccessful surgery years back and came to Dr. Curt Draeger of Integrated Pain Solutions to try and regain mobility and relieve the pain. His treatment included…

Jennifer Jordan

Neck, Shoulder, Low Back Pain

Jennifer Jordan injured her neck, shoulder, and low back when she slipped in a puddle of water at work. She described the pain as “horrible”. It was so bad that she couldn’t sleep at night, couldn’t walk, couldn’t do housework, and even struggled to pull the cap off of a tube of chapstick…

Megan Madsen

Hip Deformity 

Megan suffered from a rare hip condition. Her ligament was too short causing her hip to dislocate, which caused a lot of pain and kept this active college athlete from playing at her best. It eventually caused her to become pigeon-toed and affected her everyday life. Doctors wanted to operate, but the thought…

Roger Anderson

Neuropathy, Leg Pain, Nerve Pain

Roger sought care from Dr. Curt Draeger at Integrated Pain Solutions after numerous conditions caused him to lose feeling in his leg and made it impossible to walk without a brace. He had hurt his back after falling off of an end loader, pinched a nerve in his back while bowling, and eventually had five blood clots…

Joan Novak


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“I was being slowed by a low back problem. Now everything is improved … emotional, physical, increased activity … I can actually rotate my hips from right to left nearly pain free. It’s been 5 years since I could do that. I went home and made dinner for my family last night. I couldn’t do that before the treatment.” – Steve

“When I started treatment my pain was a constant six on a scale of one to ten. After my treatment today it was a ZERO…AMAZING! I had more energy last night than I had in a long time.” – Jean

“It’s such a beautiful clinic, so conducive to healing. After treatment I was actually able to do full yoga stretches without soreness, which is something I haven’t done in a long time. I can’t wait to see how I will do after a swim. Thank you for being committed to making life better for people like me.” – Christine

“I have found Dr. Draeger’s philosophy to be one of education and improving the quality of life for people. I will work through the pain and continue to maintain my fitness. When you have daily pain such as I do, the opportunity to decrease it even by half has been a tremendous relief and blessing. I have renewed energy and I feel younger and look younger!”– C.B.

“I feel more mobile now, than ever….and I have more energy. I would consult with Dr. Curt Draeger before having surgery done – it could be a viable alternative.” – Jean J. from Weston, WI

“The benefits well outweigh the cost of treatment.  Before going through Dr. Curt’s program, I felt like a 90 year old woman.  My pain was constant, I wore it like a cloak. After treatment, things completely changed. I had no pain. It was amazing!  My range of motion, energy level, flexibility, and quality of life improved tremendously. I felt like a new person- pain free and drug free. This has been an answer to my prayers” – C.B. from Mosinee, WI

“What makes Dr. Draeger so good is that it’s clear he has a genuine concern for your condition and the knowledge to help you improve that condition. He seems so quick to figure out what’s wrong and then he knows how to fix it. When you combine that knowledge with the sincerity of his manner, I don’t know that you can get any better. I was really impressed…very impressed!” – Rudy

“I’ve been to doctors all over the place and no one has ever been as complete or as knowledgeable as Dr. Draeger. I’ve had a side problem for over 2 years and no one’s ever known what it was.  Then I went to see him, he figured it out, fixed it, and it’s gone!” – Rachel

“I could tell the difference in my body right away. I can wake up in the morning and say ‘Is this what normal people feel like?’ I feel great!  You get used to the chronic pain so much that it’s just part of you. You wear it every single day and it just becomes very taxing on your brain and your mental status. Now I feel like 200lbs has been lifted off me. I want to continue with that. You don’t want that pain to come back because you just feel so… released!” – Christine

“(After the treatment), I felt looser from head to toe! I was able to play with my kids for longer periods of time without pain. I feel good!” – J.K.

“Gifts come in many different forms. This care significantly reduced my chronic pain and enabled me to gain back another level of daily activity in my life. I am deeply grateful for that.” – S.P.