Teamwork and Tradition: The Draegers and Athletes at the Thorpe Cup


It’s an August day in Germany, and the tension in the air is palpable. Athletes are warming up, preparing to push their bodies to the limit. Some of America’s top track-and-field talent has traveled overseas to compete in decathlons and heptathlons at the annual Thorpe Cup. And behind the scenes, a dedicated duo is helping ensure every member of Team USA brings their very best: Dr. Curt and Dr. Grant Draeger.

For nearly two decades, the chiropractic expertise from Integrated Pain Solutions has been Team USA’s secret weapon. Dr. Curt’s contributions span five Olympic Games, dating back to 2004, and he expects to be the treating doctor at next year’s games in Paris. Last month was the third time Dr. Grant joined his father to provide care to U.S. athletes at the Thorpe Cup.


Crucial to the Competition

The Draegers did not expect their role at the competition in Germany to be so pronounced. However, due to the many years Dr. Curt has spent working with the U.S. Track and Field team and his connections with the coaches and administration, the IPS team was stationed in the official medical tent. There, they treated nearly the entire team, including the winner of the heptathlon, Michelle Atherley, runner-up Erin Marsh, and third-place finisher Devon Williams. They also extended their expertise to German athletes and even Lindon Victor from Grenada – a favorite to compete for his country in the 2024 Summer Games!

Heptathlons and decathlons pose a particular challenge to athletes because they are a combination of so many events (seven and ten, respectively). These lengthy and grueling physical challenges put an athlete’s body at risk of performance-inhibiting injury and pain.

The Draegers’ counter? A unique combination of chiropractic methods and the power of a 500-watt therapeutic laser. Designed and refined by Dr. Curt, the laser uses concentrated light pulses to stimulate the healing metabolism in cells and soften scar tissue. The treatment lessens pain and enhances mobility, preventing injuries and bringing athletes back from the brink of sitting out.

“We love working with these athletes because of how tangible the results are,” said Dr. Grant. “We can see in their very next event if they can run faster, jump higher or throw further, but their gratitude for what we do is what really makes these trips worth it. Being able to share in their victories of achieving a personal record or higher leaderboard ranking is very satisfying.”



Bratwurst and Bier

The trip to Germany wasn’t all work for the Draegers. After treating the athletes, Dr. Grant and his wife took some time to soak in the country’s rich heritage and savor some local cuisines like auflauf, bratwurst, schnitzel and beer.

“We are very blessed to be able to travel to different parts of the world to work on such great athletes and experience different cultures,” said Dr. Grant. “It was great to work side by side with my father and wife to help the athletes perform better.”


Exclusive Treatments and Technology Now Available to All IPS Patients

Pain doesn’t just inhibit the ability to compete in athletic events – it can prevent you from enjoying daily activities and significantly reduce your quality of life. With more than 30 years of experience, the Integrated Pain Solutions team stands behind the idea that every pain is treatable and offers the chiropractic care and technologies that prove it.

Unlike other therapies that simply treat symptoms, IPS treats pain at the source. Manual therapies work to correct musculoskeletal problems, while High-Intensity Laser Therapy promotes healing in damaged tissues. IPS can help with chronic pain in the back, shoulder, knees, neck and more – treatments are customized to each patient.

Once reserved for elite athletes, Integrated Pain Solutions’ protocols are now available to anyone suffering from chronic pain. For more information about Integrated Pain Solutions, contact us today!