Integrated Pain Solutions Travels to Oregon for USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships

Professional Track Athlete Jordan Gray and Olympian Heptathlete Annie Kunz

(Professional Decathlete Jordan Gray and Olympic Heptathlete Annie Kunz)


Here at Integrated Pain Solutions, it’s our goal to help our patients free themselves from pain so they can live life to its fullest – and that includes world-class athletes! This month, Dr. Curt and Dr. Grant Draeger hit the road with one goal: to take care of their patients and maximize their performance!


USA Track & Field Outdoor Championship

Eugene, Oregon was the location of the 2023 Toyota USATF Outdoor Championships, one of the most important meets of the entire year for the best track athletes in the nation. Several of our patients competed in the heptathlon and decathlon, and we were thrilled to be able to see them perform their best. “It was very gratifying to see all of our athletes do so well in competition,” says Dr. Curt Draeger. “They also do well in life and that is the greatest benefit of doing what we do.”


(Olympic Decathlete Harrison Williams and Professional Decathlete Devon Williams)


Heptathlons and decathlons have seven and ten separate events respectively, which make them a grueling physical challenge that pushes the body to its limits. During high-stress activities like these, athletes risk injuries and body pain which can hamper their ability to perform. It was an honor to provide our athletes with treatments that kept them pain- and injury-free, allowing them to compete to their fullest potential.


A Preventative Approach to Treatment

The Integrated Pain Solutions team doesn’t just work to prevent injury and pain during events, though; we work proactively to prevent injuries well before they even appear on the horizon. Our techniques and plans ensure athletes of all levels, including professionals, keep their bodies in peak shape year-round.

That’s why so many of our patients, both athletes and members of the general public, trust our doctors to give their bodies the care and attention they need. Pain doesn’t just inhibit your ability to compete in events – it prevents you from enjoying activities you enjoy every day and can significantly reduce your quality of life. That’s why it’s so important not only to seek help when you’re experiencing pain, but to stay one step ahead of injuries you may be susceptible to. We also assist in treating persistent injuries that could otherwise keep our patients sidelined.

But our work isn’t done! Watching our athletes compete and push their boundaries was amazing, but we’ve got several more important events ahead, including the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games and Thorpe Cup in Germany, an international track and field competition between USA and Germany.


Pain Solutions for Pros, Spectators, and Everyone In Between!

Whether you’re an athlete taking part in competitions or you’re a spectator watching excitedly from the stands, our expert team wants to help you make the most of your life and reach your maximum potential! We treat athletes from nearly every sport there is, including pros at the top of their games – but those solutions aren’t just for the pros. At Integrated Pain Solutions, our treatments are for everyone, and we want to help you live the injury-free and pain-free life you deserve. Contact us today and take your game to the next level!