You see the difference, you feel the difference, and then they explain it to you. I first heard about Integrated Pain Solutions from a couple of teammates. There are not a lot of places like this around.

Typically, you go into a chiropractor and they crack your neck and crack your back and you’re good and ready to go. But these guys pretty much check for everything. They check to see if your hips are loose, they check to see if your shoulders are right. And you can tell by some of the certain parts that they touch that that’s a stiff part. They’ll show you and then they’ll adjust you and the next day, I feel totally different than I did the day before. I feel more explosive. My hips are able to move in directions that they couldn’t move the day before. It definitely helps out.

Laser therapy is really good. Chiropractic works to put things back in place, but laser therapy loosens things up and it gets the blood flowing to the area you need it to go to and it enables your muscles and body to heal a little bit quicker than it normally would.

Drug-Free care is definitely important to me. I’ve never liked to take medicine or do those things. If I had to, I would rather just sit it out and get my body back. But this place gives me the opportunity not to have to sit it out.

Whenever I get the care, I can automatically feel it the next day that it’s working and I’m ready to go. The care has impacted me greatly on the field. I’ve been healthy my whole career and it’s been because of places like this. I can come in and get treatment and take care of injuries before they happen. You get tight muscles here and there, especially playing football in Green Bay, it gets cold, and you have to be able to stay loose at least to some degree. And having a place like this to come to get chiropractic work, laser work, massage therapy, all kinds of different things, all in one place – it’s really right up my alley.

That’s the great thing about this doctor’s office here and all the people who work here. You’re able to come in, and not just get care, but come in an have a genuine conversation with good people. Ultimately that’s what you want to do.

I love coming here.