Lower Back Pain Relief

Tips for Helping to Alleviate Back Pain

By Integrated Pain Solutions / November 30, 2014

Back pain plagues most people at one time or another throughout their lives. It can take a person from functioning normally to being laid up on the couch for indeterminable amounts of time. Some back pain is caused by injuries that will be recurring or long-term, while other back pain can just be a one-time…

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High Intensity Laser Therapy for the Best Pain Relief

By Integrated Pain Solutions / October 7, 2014

The benefits of High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) are extensive, and it can be used to treat many ailments including nerve and joint afflictions. The benefits can include healing muscular, nerve, and skeletal pain through boosting cellular healing in damaged tissue. Another effect of treatment is that it helps with reducing inflammation and pain. In…

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Find Relief from Pain Naturally

By Integrated Pain Solutions / September 24, 2014

The dance of finding relief from chronic pain can be an expensive one. For someone suffering from pain, there are many options for pain relief to try. Surgical treatments sometimes seem the only possible fix. However, natural pain relief is available even for chronic pain suffers. There are many treatments available including topical creams and…

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