Susan Sayles Testimonial

When Susan first began experiencing pain 10-15 years ago, she was diagnosed with an inoperable condition. Injections helped reduce the pain but limited her mobility. She struggled to exercise, bake and participate in activities she once loved. Susan also felt her doctor’s office didn’t treat her condition with the urgency it warranted.

A connection of Susan’s told her about the success they had being treated through Integrated Pain Solutions, and soon after, she saw a commercial and was intrigued by the services being highlighted.

During her no-cost consultation, she found the staff to be kind and accommodating, and she felt she was well educated about the recommended treatments. It only took a couple sessions for Susan to experience a considerable reduction in pain and improvement in mobility.

“Integrated Pain Solutions is a great solution for everything: for my mental attitude, for my physical well-being, my pain and mobility – this has helped me in every way!”