Drug-Free Therapy Relief from Neuropathy Symptoms

Integrated Pain Solutions takes pride in providing solutions to issues that prove frustrating for many other physicians and health care professionals. Peripheral neuropathy is one of those conditions.

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when the nerves that transmit information to and from your brain and other parts of your body are damaged. When the nerves are damaged, the messages that they transmit become distorted or interrupted.  It’s like having a bad connection on a telephone line. The result can be symptoms such as numbness, tingling, sharp/shooting pain, sensitivity to touch, burning pain, prickling sensations, and muscle weakness.

Physical therapy alone rarely provides relief, leaving doctors few options other than prescribing very strong pain medications and anti-depressants. Not only can these become addictive, they only cover up the symptoms, not actually addressing the root cause of the problem.

A Different Treatment Approach

The ReBuilderTM Neurostimulator is the cornerstone of our neuropathy therapy. This device sends a painless electrical signal (similar to your body’s natural nerve signals) to dormant nerve cells to get them talking to each other again to soothe pain, relieve tingling, and rebuild proper nerve functioning. It also stimulates the release of endorphins to provide pain relief and relaxation.

At Integrated Pain Solutions, we combine ReBuilder™ therapy with other treatments including manual therapy, High Intensity Laser Therapy, and spinal decompression therapy to provide unmatched relief of neuropathy pain.

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Our doctors will assess your individual situation and recommend the combination of treatment options best suited for your individual needs.