Scott Bassler

Knee, Shoulder, & Wrist Pain

Scott has lived with aches and pains in his knee, shoulder, and wrist for years. It’s been a while since he’s played softball or other sports, but he’s still living with the pain. Scott’s wife also lives with chronic pain in her neck and, in the last year, even the bumps in the road started exacerbating her neck pain.

Scott first came to Integrated Pain Solutions to find a solution to his wife’s chronic pain. But through her visit, Scott discovered that he didn’t need to live with his own aches and pains!

Through high intensity laser therapy, Scott is able to get back to playing sports without feeling pain in his knee, shoulder, and wrist. This means that he didn’t have to resort to invasive surgeries that would leave him with a scar! Instead, Scott and his wife can drive down the road without worrying about avoiding every crack and bump.

“We waited way too long to come in and get fixed up!”