Dr. Draeger is different from any other specialist I have been to before. He has his own way he does things, but the most important thing is that he listens. He considers what you may have going on, he considers advice you share with him, and he’s always willing to learn. I think that’s pretty different because he’s been doing what he’s being doing for so long, and a lot of individuals who are in the same situation aren’t open to learning new things.

Dr. Draeger’s sports therapy treatment approach is significantly different than what I’ve received in the past. Everything is more hands on. He actually gets you to understand why your body is doing a certain thing as far as what’s wrong with you and how he’s treating it. That’s the thing I’ve most appreciated with Dr. Draeger.

I’ve had high intensity laser therapy before but his lasers are different, they’re stronger, they’re more focal, and you understand why you’re shooting a laser in a certain direction or a certain area.

Treatment here has contributed to my recovery in two different areas: recovery and comfort. After I use the laser and come in and see Dr. Draeger, I feel a lot more comfortable. Whatever part of my body that needs high intensity laser therapy feels looser and just feels better. And the recovery time has improved significantly. I’m well ahead of schedule and consider laser therapy my secret weapon. It’s something that not a lot of individuals know about that I think kind of puts me ahead.

I think that trust is very important, because you have a lot of individuals who think they think they can just come in and tell you anything and you’re forced to believe it. Unfortunately, sometimes that is the case because we’re professional athletes, and we don’t know much about the medical field. So trust is a huge part simply because you’re essentially trusting somebody with your livelihood.

He earned my trust just simply from his credibility. The guys, every guy vouched for him so I figured he must be a great guy. In addition to that, he’s backed up what he’s said. He’s always consistent and offers quality work.

My personal relationship with Dr. Draeger is pretty cool. I’m a people person so whenever I find somebody else who’s a people person we usually click right away. He’s a great character and he has the type of personality that makes you want to come in. And maybe even while you’re getting treatment you may talk to him about life a little bit, he’s just that type of guy.

Being a professional athlete is not easy. There are a lot of things that you’ll have to go through and one of the most challenging things is your health. Dr. Draeger has been a key part of my success in coming back and getting back to total health and being the athlete that I want to be. I would advise anybody that if they were wondering, that I think you should come give Dr. Draeger a try. It will be worth your while.