Rhonda Krohn Testimonial

After neck surgery, Rhonda’s mobility was severely limited. She was unable to complete housework or drive a car. Her quality of life had deteriorated.

One morning, Rhonda woke up and couldn’t move she was in so much pain. She went to the walk-in clinic and was referred to another provider who was unable to help because they had not been involved in the original neck surgery. After previously finding relief through Integrated Pain Solutions, Rhonda’s brother-in-law suggested she set up a no-cost consultation.

While Rhonda was apprehensive at first, she was relieved when Integrated Pain Solutions told her they were confident they could help address her pain and she wouldn’t need another surgery.

Integrated Pain Solutions' treatment restored almost a full, pain-free range of motion in Rhonda’s arm. She can now do every activity she was able to do before her chronic pain.

“Integrated Pain Solutions saved my life. They put me back on my feet where I belong!”