RASHAN GARY, Outside Linebacker

I heard about Integrated Pain Solutions through a friend, a guy I played with in the professional league. We had similar things — knicks and bruises on our bodies — and we’d come and get it fixed together. So, I found out about it through him.

I definitely think IPS helps me a lot. Me personally, my ankles were stiff, my hips were stiff — but the past months I’ve been coming here I’ve definitely seen it getting better, looser, and maximizing my performance, making sure my body’s loose. Any bruises or any aches that I have, they make sure I get taken care of. It could be the shockwave to getting it all adjusted, they make sure that I’m right.

The care that I get here is A1, it’s top of the line. I’m happy. And I can’t wait every day after they open to come here and get my adjustments and start to feel good about the week. There were times when I didn’t come here, where I went straight home after practice or a long day, and my body would feel achy, my back would feel tight, I wouldn’t sleep right. But then I’d come here and get my body adjusted. I could breathe clearly. I could sleep right.

Having this place that’s able to get my body right in terms of anything to help me maximize my performance. There’d be times where Dr. Curt would ask me how I’m feeling on the football field or what movements I’m having a hard time with or what type of movements do I like. The movements I’m having a hard time with, he’ll do a quick adjustment, and then from there, I could tell a difference the next day at practice. I would come back and let him know I definitely felt more explosive or whatever the case may have been.

I sit back and I actually have conversations with him. It’s not strictly business. We’ll be cracking jokes and having a good time. This place here is very special. It’s an environment with the people who work there, when you come through those doors it’s like home. A home away from home, even though you’re here for a short period of time. They make you feel welcome. I like that feeling.

People are looking for options, they need relief from pain in their life — this is a great opportunity. My regular day, like today’s my off day, and I’m coming here making sure my body feels good so I can walk through the town and stuff like that. It’s definitely stress off your back. It’ll definitely make you feel better.

Integrated Pain Solutions has helped me become the athlete I always wanted to become.