Peggy Jennejohn Testimonial

After 25 years spent crouching as a dental hygienist and a serious car accident, Peggy found herself experiencing nerve, shoulder and neck pain. Walking any kind of long distance or even doing laundry was incredibly difficult for her. Peggy tried icing, heat, muscle relaxers, and chiropractic care but continued to have nagging pain.

She heard about Integrated Pain Solutions on TV, watched testimonials on the website and educated herself on the pain cycle ahead of scheduling her no-cost consultation. She decided to move forward with treatment through the clinic because Dr. Grant listened, understood her conditions, and showed empathy and concern.

Dr. Grant believed he could reduce Peggy’s pain by 60-70 percent – however, Peggy is thrilled to share it’s been reduced by about 90 percent. She’s since returned to gardening and taking long walks. To maintain all that was accomplished, she plans to continue periodic treatment at Integrated Pain Solutions.

“Integrated Pain Solutions has given me the ability to be the happy, outgoing person that I truly am inside, and for that, I am eternally thankful!