Mike Daniels Discusses Laser Therapy with Dr. Curt Draeger


Mike Daniels joined Dr. Curt Draeger on Local 5 Live to discuss the treatment he receives at Integrated Pain Solutions.

He was referred to Dr. Curt Draeger when he hurt his back taking his son to school – of all things.  As he was putting the car seat into the car, he threw his back out and fell to the snow bank.  Dr. Ed Rodgers, father of Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, suggested that Mike go and see Dr. Curt (as he’s known to his patients).

Dr. Curt used a combination of manual therapies and High Intensity Laser Therapy to treat Daniels’ injury, explaining that “pain is pain”. It doesn’t matter if you get hurt on the football field, taking your child to school, or working in your back yard. The mechanics of pain are the same.  And no matter where the injury occurs, Integrated Pain Solutions treatment protocols address pain at both the site of the injury and where the nerves enter the spinal column.  If you don’t treat both areas, there’s a good chance that pain will become memorized in the interneurons and could turn into chronic pain.

Dr. Draeger also explained how scar tissue begins to form within 24 hours of an injury and that scar tissue has 100 times as many nerve endings in it when compared to regular tissue.  That’s another reason why old injuries continue to hurt long after the incident. High Intensity Laser Therapy softens scar tissue while it erases the memory of chronic pain. He also stressed that laser therapy is a drug-free therapy, so you don’t have to worry about damage to the liver as you do with long-term use of some medications.

When asked what to expect during treatment at Integrated Pain Solutions, Daniels threw a little zing to Dr. Draeger by saying, “expect a lot of jokes that are so bad, they’re good.”

Watch Mike Daniels’ full testimonial video.

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Dr. Curt Draeger, DC, DACBOH, CCST is the treating doctor to Team USA’s Olympic decathletes, founder of Integrated Pain Solutions, and co-developer of the latest generation of High Intensity Therapeutic Lasers. His unique chronic pain treatment protocol provides lasting relief and healing to anyone suffering from chronic pain by combining High Intensity Laser Therapy with other manual therapies once reserved exclusively for professional athletes.