High Intensity Laser Therapy for the Best Pain Relief

The benefits of High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) are extensive, and it can be used to treat many ailments including nerve and joint afflictions. The benefits can include healing muscular, nerve, and skeletal pain through boosting cellular healing in damaged tissue. Another effect of treatment is that it helps with reducing inflammation and pain. In addition, the laser light penetrates muscle and soft tissue and increases the blood flow adding to the ability for tissue to heal more quickly.

HILT can be used to treat pain, by breaking up scar tissue from injuries or surgeries. It can help with soft tissue damage, sprains, joint injuries, and back injuries. Whiplash or bulging discs are also positively treated with HILT. Nerve damage and irritation can also be helped including carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. The power of the laser benefits the body and encourages cells to generate more quickly and may help a large variety of painful conditions by starting at the core of the problem. We help our patients on a comprehensive level by offering help with motion and movement in addition to the laser treatment.

Integrated Pain Solutions’ goals are to get their patients back to living life. We use HILT along with other treatments and movement to maximize the effectiveness of the laser treatments. Our experience of treating athletes along side their medical team to be sure they are receiving the best care possible has benefited not only the athletes, but our practice as well. We have learned what helps the patient on an individual level and we work one-on-one for each person’s injuries and goals.