Find Relief from Pain Naturally

The dance of finding relief from chronic pain can be an expensive one. For someone suffering from pain, there are many options for pain relief to try. Surgical treatments sometimes seem the only possible fix. However, natural pain relief is available even for chronic pain suffers. There are many treatments available including topical creams and homeopathic supplements for joint pain and muscle pain. These however, only go so far in treating the deep pain that some experience on a daily basis.

One alternative treatment that is more readily available than a few years ago is High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT). This form of laser therapy penetrates deep into the muscle, soft tissue and joints where the pain originates to encourage cellular restoration and reset the pain cycle to give relief to the sufferer. This form of therapy is non-invasive and does not involve taking any drugs to reduce pain. It allows for the cells to heal naturally. The laser light therapy has been compared to photosynthesis for plants and the cellular generation the sun provides in bringing nutrients to the damaged joints of the body.

No matter the origin of pain, an old knee injury, neck pain from whiplash, or a lower back bulging disc, the treatment has seen an 80% improvement rate. Contact us at Integrated Pain Solutions in Green Bay for more details on this treatment for chronic pain. We offer non-surgical treatments for your pain, not adhering to the traditional medicine methods, but maximizing the healing power of your body in an effort to give you relief from pain.