Gold Medal Motion to feature Chronic Pain booth at Farm Technology Days

Posted on June 25 2013 by Sarah
Advice for Conquering Chronic Pain and Arthritis

At Gold Medal Motion, we are working on our final preparations for the 2013 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days event in Barron County.

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Farm Technology Days, July 9-11th, Barron County

Dr. Curt Draeger of Gold Medal Motion will provide hands-on screenings (using motion palpation) to identify areas where joints are not moving properly and assess chronic pain due to arthritis and other causes. He will answer questions and demonstrate simple techniques that anyone can use to reduce their chances of injury and lessen their chronic pain – including minimizing wear and tear on knees, low back, shoulders, and hips. He will also provide self care tips that can help prevent minor conditions from developing into major medical expenses.

You might ask yourself, what do Olympians and farmers have in common? They both push their bodies to the limit living their passion. And, unfortunately, due to the daily demands that they place on themselves, they are vulnerable to injuries, chronic pain, and arthritis (osteoarthritis).

Dr. Draeger has a special place in his heart for treating farmers. Having grown up in rural Wisconsin and operating a clinic here for over 25 years, he has treated hundreds, if not thousands, of farmers in his daily practice.

We will be in the Family Living Tent in the center of the grounds from Tuesday, July 9th through Thursday, July 11th. We hope to see you there!

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