Gold Medal Motion Congratulates Coach Harry Marra – Nike Coach of the Year

Coach Harry Marra Named Nike Coach of the Year

I am very proud to share with you that Coach Harry Marra was named USA Track & Field’s 2012 Nike Coach of the Year.  I am thrilled to see that he finally got some of the recognition that he deserves.

photo of Dr Curt with Ashton Harry and Bianne

Ashton Eaton, Dr Curt Draeger, Harry Marra, Brianne Theissen

I’ve worked with Harry since the 2004 Olympics, and not only is he the best track & field coach I’ve ever seen, but he is an awesome mentor.  This was reaffirmed as I watched Harry coach Ashton Eaton to a record breaking, Olympic gold-medal winning year. He not only helps these athletes achieve their full potential of becoming the best athletes in the world, but he teaches them how to deal with everyday life – and live it to its fullest.

I consider Harry a great friend, and I am honored to be able to continue to work with him. On behalf of everyone here at Gold Medal Motion, we offer our most sincere congratulations, and we will be looking forward to continuing to help our decathlon team at the Olympics in Rio in 2016.

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