OREN BURKS, Linebacker

I heard about Integrated Pain Solutions through a teammate. He referred me to come and get treatment. I had an injury on my left pec. I needed help outside the facility to get me back on the field as soon as possible.

Integrated Pain Solutions helps with my injury just in terms of getting the shockwave training, laser therapy — it’s allowed me to feel a lot more mobile with my shoulder and my pec. It’s allowed me to play a lot more comfortable and confident.

I really trusted my teammates that have been coming here a good bit and have helped them with their injuries. So, just the familiarity of Integrated Pain Solutions. They get me feeling like my normal self before the injuries. In terms of mobility — that’s a big piece when I get out on the field and I need to move and do the things I need to in my position. They put me in the best position for that. There’s still aches and pains from playing the game we do. It’s a violent game. But, being at home with my wife, playing with my dog, being able to do normal activities, like I was before the injuries.

The shockwave and laser treatments have really been helping me out in terms of mobility, getting my shoulder and my pec feeling normal, and just getting the overall strength back. They’re extremely nice and friendly when we come in. They treat us like family — big hugs and asking us about our injuries and our family life off the field, that kind of thing. Always has a joke or two for us, to make us laugh. It’s always fun coming in.

I’d definitely say this is the spot for you. You’re going to get the treatment that you need to get you back feeling right. Integrated Pain Solutions, they helped me become the best version of myself and I really thank them for all the help that they did.