Nancy Flath Testimonial

After putting in years of hard work on her family’s farm, Nancy developed arthritis in her neck. The chronic pain had gotten to the level of severity where she found herself struggling to put on her socks. Nancy’s sister-in-law suggested she see a chiropractor, and she found Dr. Curt in the phonebook.

The personalized care plan Dr. Curt developed for Nancy improved her neck stiffness very quickly, but five years later, she started to experience carpal tunnel pain. Dr. Curt suggested high intensity laser therapy, and again, it didn’t take long before she was able to return to knitting, gardening and other activities she had given up.

Nancy was impressed by the effort Dr. Curt put into listening and properly diagnosing her conditions, and while she says she was never a skeptic of high intensity laser treatment, she now considers herself a true believer. In fact, she’s recommended the therapy to 20-30 people!

“Integrated Pain Solutions, for 30 years, has kept me walking and moving and being able to do normal things!”