Dr. Draeger and his laser therapy have been a big part in helping out with my pain, my performance, and durability. The laser gets in and breaks up all that scar tissue, and coming out of it, I feel looser. This sports therapy keeps you on the field. It helps you recover faster and keeps your body fresh late in the season when guys are getting beat up and tired. It kind of helps me out mentally, too. Whatever is hurting me at the time, I know the laser therapy for pain relief is working for me.

I think Dr. Draeger’s care is different. He builds the relationship with us, and he just doesn’t go in and treat stuff. He also teaches us about what’s going on in our body, what he’s treating, and how one part can compensate for another part of your body. He really helps us out; he gives us the knowledge and lets us know what he’s doing.

I have a lot of trust in Dr. Draeger. When you come in, he’s not just working on the patient, he builds the relationship, takes the time out to get to know each and every one of us – all his patients who come in. You feel comfortable here, and it feels like family. He’s like a father figure in our lives who we can open up to and talk to about anything.

Sometimes my son comes up here with me, and Dr. Draeger gets him involved by calling him “Dr. MJ” so he thinks he’s helping out, and that’s pretty fun.

The care has been great. I mean it’s very helpful, and it’s productive.