MIKE NEAL, Linebacker

I have had laser therapy, and I know that there are a hundred thousand different forms of laser therapy, but the laser therapy I’ve received from Dr. Draeger is probably one of the best. He uses High Intensity Laser Therapy, which are able to penetrate deeper and into deeper surfaces, which a lot of lasers don’t. You can tell the difference between a low quality and high quality laser.
Whether it’s inflammation, my joints hurting or things like that, he just prepares me to be on the field a lot faster. When he is able to adjust you and then hit you with the laser in areas where you have swelling and inflammation or bumps and bruises – all that stuff causes tensions in the joints and muscles. So when I see him after the game for joint pain remedies or muscle therapy, I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve been able to see is that I can heal faster.

Dr. Draeger’s treatment has been fantastic. It has been different in many ways. Most doctors you go in, you tell them your injury and they’re giving you a sports physical therapy plan they have given other athletes or other individuals. Dr. Draeger has taken the initiative to learn my body, learn how it functions, learn different steps on how to approach my body, preparing me for a game. The treatment has been really good for me; I’ve been healthy, and I’ve been playing every weekend. Without him I don’t know where I’d be today.

The care has impacted my life tremendously as well. You know in the past I would come home and be a little grumpy because my body is beat up, and I’m tired after a long day at work. Coming here, unwinding, getting a nice tune up on my body, and using the hydro bed has made me a happier individual. It relaxes my body, relaxes my mind. And I’m happier in my relationship with my wife because I’m feeling great.

The importance of having a great doctor, having a guy you can trust is tremendous. All the guys on the team know about Dr. Draeger’s work, and he’s a special guy. Many different athletes have worked with him, top of the line guys on our team, the pro bowl guys, and to have a doctor that everyone can trust is great. Dr. Draeger’s work speaks for itself.

If I had to choose a word for the care that I’ve received from Dr. Draeger, I’d have to say detailed. That’s the word I’d use for him because everything we do is very detailed. We have a plan of attack to go in and correct mistakes and help prevent those injuries from coming back.

I’m completely healed, my body is great, I’m stronger, I’m more flexible, and I feel a lot healthier. I’m sleeping well at night, and I’m more confident overall in myself. And I’m more confident in being able to go out on the field and make cuts, plant, and perform. As an athlete, you have to trust that.

In the game of football your career is limited. The average career of an NFL player is three and a half years. To have a doctor like Dr. Draeger, a guy you can trust, a guy you feel very comfortable coming to, keeping you on the field, keeping your healthy, there’s nothing like it. We’re very thankful to have him here in Green Bay.