MIKE DANIELS, Defensive Tackle

I choose to see Dr. Curt because he has different technology. Some of the equipment he has access to I haven’t seen anywhere else, and I’ve been to quite a few places.

Laser therapy is definitely different. I’ve seen scar tissue and swelling really go down, to the point of being non-existent. A lot of times when I leave the office, I’m moving in ways I wasn’t before getting to the office, so I’m definitely getting looser, a lot more limber. When you play this sport, your body is getting beat up pretty significantly, so the healing that is provided at his office is amazing.

I remember having some spasms in my lower back, and it prevented me from performing throughout the week. So, I would go and see Dr. Draeger and his laser definitely calmed down the muscle and allowed the “spasming” to cease, giving me back pain relief. With that, I was able to play that week, and I was completely sold on him ever since.

The importance of the efficiency of Dr. Curt’s treatment is everything. You can see him a couple times a week and whatever you had that was maybe hindering your movement – that’s gone.

Not having to rely on anti-inflammatories is… well, your liver is going to thank you for it, first of all. You just see in society that everyone is medicated on something. So, to avoid that… I love it; not have to pop a pill, go use a laser instead which is actually more efficient. I’d highly recommend it for anybody.

I have a lot more energy to get home and play with my kids because I’m not as beat up, so the healing I get there is definitely not just for my job but just for my life.

I’m really thankful that I can get his work.
He’s going to tell you some jokes. He keeps it light-hearted, and you’re going to know that when you walk in there, the positivity is all over the place, and you’ll know that you’re going to leave better than you were walking in.
I’d highly recommend him for any and everybody for sports physical therapy or other pain relief.