Meet Dr. Grant Draeger

Dr. Grant Draeger, DC

Pain wears on both the body and mind. The most fulfilling part of my day is seeing changes in the personalities of my patients as they progress through care. Seeing hope and joy return to those who were at the end of their rope is extremely encouraging and satisfying.

It’s something that I’ve been a witness to since I was young. I’ve watched my dad, Dr. Curt Draeger, touch the lives of so many people that he became my personal hero. I have always loved to work with my hands, so following in my father’s footsteps was a natural fit.

Commitment to Long-Term Relief

I think our success lies in our commitment to help patients over the long term. Not only are we helping them through their immediate pain, our focus on finding and correcting the root cause of that pain improves function within their body. This is key, because when proper function is restored, the patient is healthier and their body is better equipped to deal with future stressors.

Proven Care and New Technologies Combine for Pain Relief

Many of our patients have visited other chiropractors without success and have come to see that we are not your average chiropractic clinic. Our care plans take chiropractic to the next level. Many of our adjustments and therapies were developed while working with professional football players and Olympians. We combine those manual therapies with groundbreaking technologies, such as High Intensity Laser Therapy, to offer a progressive care plan that cannot be found elsewhere.

Nuggets of Wisdom

One of the unexpected benefits of working at Integrated Pain Solutions are lessons that have been shared with me by my patients. Each and every person has a unique life story. Over the course of treatment, we spend a lot of time together and really get to know one another. I truly enjoy hearing about their lives and value the nuggets of wisdom they share along the way.


In my free time, I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my wife. Whether it be in hiking boots, downhill skis, or on rollerblades, we love being outside. We also like to take road trips around the US. Closer to home, I can be found relaxing at the movies.


• Northwestern Health Sciences University, 2017 Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine


• Northwestern Health Sciences University, 2017 Bachelor of Science, Life Sciences
• Normandale, Undergraduate 2010-2014


• National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


• Externship, De Rusha Clinic (Bloomington, MN)
• Externship, Lynlake Chiropractic (Minneapolis, MN)
• Externship, Total Lifestyle Chiropractic (Scottsdale, AZ)