Mary Brusky

Back Pain, Bulging Discs, Arthritis, Knee Pain

Mary is a self-proclaimed “outdoor nut” who loved to hunt, fish, and especially loved walking and jogging in 5Ks and spending time with her grandchildren and great grandchildren. But excruciating back pain caused by bulging discs and arthritis and pain in her knees were threatening to take away the things in life that Mary loved the most.

In an effort to keep mobile, Mary tried to take short walks each day and visited her chiropractor on a monthly basis. Eventually, she was in so much pain that she made an appointment to see a pain doctor for steroid shots in her back. While waiting a few weeks for her appointment, she saw an ad for Integrated Pain Solutions. She decided that she had nothing to lose and booked a no-cost consultation.

She said that she’s never met a doctor who understands the skeletal system and function the way that Dr. Draeger does. Not only did the High Intensity Laser Therapy nearly provide complete back pain relief, she also received treatment on her knees. Mary still has some pain in her knees but says they are “100 percent better than when I came in here.” Mary is ecstatic to be back to doing her 5Ks and camping with her family.