Mary Bassler

Chronic Neck Pain

Mary Bassler has suffered from chronic pain for many years now. She struggled with everyday tasks, including driving. Mary even wore a cervical collar to help with the pain. This took its emotional toll as well as a physical toll. She decided to come to Integrated Pain Solutions after the pain started to affect her ability to see while she was driving. This made work nearly impossible for Mary. She described her pain as being eight out of ten.

Mary didn’t know exactly what to do, but she knew that she wanted to avoid drugs and surgery. Finally, she came across a commercial for Integrated Pain Solutions. She had hope. After coming in for the initial consultation, she felt confident that she was in the right hands. Mary immediately began to feel benefits after using our high-intensity laser therapy. She said that she and her husband leave IPS feeling the best they’ve ever felt — like they’re in their 20s again. This has been essential for both of them in preparing for retirement. “Integrated Pain Solutions has changed our life in less than three months,” says Mary. “It’s absolutely amazing and way exceeded all of our expectations.”