Lynell Huber

Excruciating Knee Pain

Lynell had excruciating pain in her right knee that made it challenging for her to walk or relax at night and kept her from doing things like shopping and driving.

After physical therapy, pain medication, a brace, and four hip surgeries, Lynell was looking for an alternative to her pain that didn’t involve another invasive surgery. High intensity laser therapy at Integrated Pain Solutions has made it easier for Lynell to travel because she doesn’t have to worry about being able to get in and out of a car.

It meant a lot to Lynell to not only have found a non-invasive treatment for her knee pain but to have found an entire team that cares. That team created an environment where they treated her with respect, never rushed anything, took the time to explain the entire process, and were excited to see Lynell’s progress week after week.

“These guys are absolutely my heroes, there’s no doubt about it.”