LETROY GUION, Defensive Tackle

I first came to see Dr. Draeger as a pain doctor because I kept hearing the guys in the locker room talk about Dr. Draeger and how much he’s helping them with some of their pains and stuff that they deal with. I had worked with different chiropractors, but they don’t do it like Dr. Draeger. He’s gained my trust because I see improvement; I feel better the next day; and my body feels great – feels like it’s working in sync and that’s enough for me.

I’ve had laser therapy before, but not the intensity of the lasers that he has. He gets in there, and he’s taking good care of your body. He’s making things move that haven’t moved the right way or getting to spots in your body to where you’ve never felt start moving again. And then he’ll put you under the lasers. When I walk out these doors, I definitely feel better than when I came through. You know, maybe I came in with a little gimp sometimes, and when I get done with those lasers, I walk right out the door and feel like there’s nothing.

I can definitely relate to Dr. Draeger because he has great energy, positive person; I mean we pray sometimes, you know, we just keep it real, keep it like friendship.

I feel great coming here for sports physical therapy. I feel blessed coming here. Dr. Draeger, he’s got a good thing going here. I think that he can change a lot of lives.