KINGSLEY KEKE, Defensive End

I’ve been having pains all over my body, especially my shoulder — so I wanted to get it checked out. Ever since I came the first time, I’ve been coming here ever since. You know, some days your body’s hurting and you want to be cautious where your pain is. But going to him Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ve been going full speed at practice. My body feels good.

This is the NFL. You gotta be on your game 24/7. You gotta make sure you stay on top of your body — and that’s what I do coming here. They do a great job of getting me ready to play. Every time I get done — let’s say I come after practice — I go see Curt and then I feel good for the rest of the day. I feel great.

Shockwave definitely is a big difference from what I’ve seen. It helps remove scar tissue and all that stuff that keeps it tight. As soon as I get the shockwave, I’m like, “Man, I need to buy that. I gotta buy that every time I get a chance to.” So, it was a good impression, especially after doing the shockwave. I was just like I gotta keep doing this.

They’re great people. Gret personalities. People you can relate to. You never know what you can get without giving it a try first. I’m sure you’ll like what you’ll see and I’m sure he can find a way to get your body back to feeling 100% and do a great job of listening to you, what you actually need help on. They do a great job.

My range of motion of my shoulders has been getting way better, definitely since I came here. The pain has been going away. My shoulders — I feel like I can move in any position. It feels good and I’m going to keep coming. Thank you for doing a great job of helping other athletes be at their peak and other people who need help. I want to give a shout out to y’all. Keep doing a great thing. Thank you.