Playing football, it’s a physical game; you get beat up, bruises, your joints don’t move like as well as you need them to sometimes.

The type of pain you experience as an athlete really, you can’t really describe it, sometimes it’s small, sometimes it’s big. It just depends on the significance of your injury. You know sometimes you have torn ligaments in your shoulder that bother you when you sleep: you can’t sleep in a certain direction, you can’t sleep in a certain way, you have to lay on your stomach and lay in a certain direction, so being able to take the therapy to heal faster and things like that, it’s a big positive and plus.

[Dr. Curt’s] laser therapy, he has stronger lasers which he’s told me gets deeper into the tissue which helps you heal faster.

The care that I’ve received has impacted my performance by a lot of things. Pretty much getting my joints loose to where I can have full range of mobility in my shoulders, my legs, and things like that. So, it allows me to, sleep well, move well at home, not really have aches and pains outside of football.

The trust factor is big. I trust him to get my body prepared and ready for the week.

[Dr Curt], he’s an amazing person. He knows exactly what he’s doing with his job. He doesn’t make it seem like you’re just coming in for therapy; you have conversations about life and things like that, so it’s good working with Dr. Curt.