KENNY CLARK, Defensive Tackle

Laser therapy done wonders for me, as far as my body. It has helped me with pain relief, and it’s done great things.

We’re playing games on Sunday and Monday and sometimes we’ve got those short weeks [to recover]. So, your body is torn up, and we spend the whole week trying to get our bodies back. [The care] definitely helps us out, keeps us fresh, and keeps a little bit of that soreness away and helps our movement with our bodies and stuff like that.

I had an issue last year with my back and we did a lot of stuff with my back. And after laser and shock, the pain definitely felt relieved.

The game is grueling enough, and for us to have somebody here to help us, keep us fresh, and work on our bodies and for it to be drug free – it does wonders for us. Because you don’t want to be taking pills or doing stuff like that in order to make yourself feel better.

I’ve got a lot of trust for these guys here. I mean, first off, they’re really great guys, and they tell great jokes. I mean they’re great people. When you first meet them, they welcome you with open arms. I mean I’ve never felt nothing but love here. And they did great things to my body. They cracked my back, cracked my shoulders, whatever you need fixed – they can fix it.

They’ve been doing a great job.