Kathy Guthman

Knee Injury and Muscle Inflammation

Kathy had fallen twice during the winter and suffered from severe knee injuries. It was during this time that she discovered Integrated Pain Solutions, a discovery that she described as an answer to her prayers. Kathy is someone who enjoys riding horses, going on walks, and playing with her grandchildren. The ability for her to enjoy these activities was limited due to knee pain and muscular inflammation. This resulted not only in severe physical pain for Kathy, but also emotional pain that affected her ability to enjoy time with her family.

After turning to the innovative therapies at Integrated Pain Solutions, Kathy was able to get relief from her chronic pain in just a year’s time. This allowed her to get back to enjoying all the things that she loves to do — all while avoiding surgery. Kathy describes herself as “100% better.” Integrated Pain Solutions provided Kathy with doctors who listened to her specific situation and utilized advanced technologies such as high intensity laser therapy to get her quality of life back where it should be. She’s now back to doing all the things she loves. “You have nothing to lose; try it and you will feel one-hundred times better!”