I would describe the doctors and the staff here, one: as knowledgeable. He’s very knowledgeable on the body. I come in, and he can tell me exactly what’s wrong. When he lays me on that table and tests a spot and he hits it, I just know that when I get up it will be walking fine, or it will feel a lot better.

Two: I’d say that they’re very friendly. They’re very good people to be around and to trust. Just coming in throughout the year, I see how much they impact other people – all the types of people that come in here – and it’s very impressive to see.

The kind of pain I experience on a daily basis mainly deals with joint issues, maybe in between the hips, the knees, elbows, shoulders… just those bones that kind of rub against each other kind of a lot during physical play. He knows how to touch it, he knows the sensitivity you have, he knows what way I should move. I trust him, you know, he’s been 100% with me so far.

Laser therapy has helped me with pain relief by helping remove the scar tissue. It helps remove the soreness within my thigh muscles, my hamstring muscles, and it helps me get back on the field and ready to play, fast.

I feel a lot more loose, I feel more fast and more flexible. I recover better, and it’s just been a better year for me since I’ve been coming here.

The most surprising thing about my experience here has just been the doctors’ common courtesy – the jokes, their friendliness – you know they don’t treat us like football players, they treat us like real people with real problems.

I seem to be walking a little bit straighter, so I definitely thank them for that.