I came to Dr. Curt [Draeger] for a little bit of everything. I’ve come in after injuries – he helped me come back from my fractured fibula and a high ankle sprain earlier this season. I also do a little bit of routine maintenance with him each and every week.

Your body just feels better. Games are grueling, practice is grueling, it’s a tough game to play and it’s a lot of demand on your body. So, whatever you can do to gain an advantage, gain an edge in this league, you’re going to do it. So, if that means on your off day you feel better, outside of work you feel better, going into work you feel better… that’s just another step ahead that you have.

Laser therapy is fairly simple. Whatever area has been impacted through injury, or needs healing or you just kind of need some of the inflammation to go down or what not, he points the laser on that area and the laser goes deep, down to like bone and tissue. It heats up the whole affected area and it promotes healing in that area. And even after the next day, when you actually let the healing time increase, it feels a lot better.

As an athlete, you’re responsible for whatever you put in your body. So, a lot of times you don’t want to take too many things or ingest too many things because you become dependent on those things. Over-the-counter medication or anything like that isn’t good for your liver, isn’t good for your body. So anything externally that we can do that’s going to help us get better as athletes is really good for us. It isn’t harming our insides, it’s healing through the outside and you can actually feel the benefits of it.

At first I didn’t understand why guys were getting treatment by him like outside [of the organization]. I was apprehensive at first, but it actually works. So, I guess seeing or feeling is believing.

Dr. Curt has one of the kindest hearts I have ever met out of anybody I work with, and I’ve been in the league for 8 years. He’s just a loving, giving person. He invites the guys over to his house for Thanksgiving and the holidays, and always makes sure you have what you need, and always tells funny and corny jokes at the same time. So, it’s been a blessing working with such an awesome guy.

I just feel that he’s genuinely a good person that likes to see people doing well and getting better. And that’s hard to find, especially nowadays because a lot of people want you for what they can use you for, and Dr. Curt doesn’t have any side motives or any hidden agendas, he just actually wants to see guys get better and grow and be healthy, play healthy, get out there on the field and stay on the field. And I think that’s pretty awesome.