Jane Hess

Back Pain, Leg Pain, Disk Degeneration

Jane Hess was an avid walker, walking six miles a day for over 35 years – until excruciating back pain and leg pain made it difficult to get out of bed, much less go for a walk.

She tried new shoes, went to a podiatrist, physical therapist, and her own chiropractor before going to see a doctor. She was told that she had no disk left, was developing scar tissue and tension knots, and needed surgery.

Jane was “angry, miserable, and scared.” She did not want to go through surgery, recovery and rehabilitation, and she couldn’t afford to miss more work. Moreover, she wondered what her life would be like in her retirement if she suffered this much back and nerve pain now.

A friend referred Jane to Integrated Pain Solutions to find leg and back pain relief. Because High Intensity Laser Therapy is non-invasive, she was able to continue to work during her treatment and within weeks her pain was diminishing.

A few months after treatment, she’s back to walking six miles a day, pain-free.