Jane Graham

Jane came to Integrated Pain Solutions after taking a tumble off her bike causing a shoulder injury. Jane experienced pain in her shoulder, causing inability to raise her arm over her head, shooting pain when she moved her arm in different directions, eventually causing a constant chronic pain. After hearing success stories from friends, and a no-cost consultation, Jane decided to start her customized treatment plan, consisting of High Intensity Laser Therapy at Integrated Pain Solutions. After the first treatment, Jane could feel the start of pain relief and was able to move my arm/shoulder more. She values that this treatment is non-invasive and didn't provide a large window of recovery time as she wanted to be able to bow hunt this season. Jane now experiences little pain, and is able to pull her bow back, allowing her to get back into the woods and hunt. "If you have chronic pain and no one has been able to help-look into this. What do you have to lose?"