Green And Gold Use High Intensity Laser Therapy

Pro football players know pain.

They also have access to some of the best doctors and therapists around, often right inside their own locker room. But when your very livelihood depends on being healthy and on the field each Sunday, sometimes it’s necessary to take your health into your own hands and seek out the care that works best for you.

We are honored that several members of our favorite pro football team have placed their trust in Integrated Pain Solutions to find pain relief with our chronic pain doctor, Dr. Curt Draeger. Watch their video testimonials to hear what they have to say about high intensity laser therapy for pain relief.

Read Testimonials below.


BRYAN BULAGA, Offensive Tackle

Dr. Draeger has done a great job of helping me manage the pain, just not in my knees or ankles, but in my entire body.  His big thing is the laser therapy. I’ve used it a couple of times before in past at the academy where I trained…


BJ RAJI, Defensive Tackle

Every game is different and you don’t necessarily know how it’s going to come out physically, so having someone like Dr. Curt who is available and willing to help you no matter what happens, that’s a good feeling. After one of our…


DAVID BAKHTIARI, Offensive Tackle

I have my certain things I do to get ready physically for my job, and I don’t like to stray from what I know. But coming here and meeting with Dr. Curt, working with him, and seeing the results has definitely brought me back. I haven’t…



Dr. Draeger and his laser therapy have been a big part in helping out with my pain, my performance, and durability.  Laser gets in and breaks up all that scar tissue, and coming out of it, I feel looser.  It keeps you on the field.  It helps…


MIKE NEAL, Linebacker

I have had laser therapy and I know that there are a hundred thousand different forms of laser therapy, but the laser therapy I’ve received from Dr. Draeger is probably one of the best. He’s able to penetrate deeper and into…


DATONE JONES, Defensive End

Laser therapy has done wonders for me, for my body, my injuries.  I’ve had sprained ankles, a broken foot, and over the years these injuries build up and became old injuries. I had developed a lot of scar tissue and it was starting to…


LETROY GUION, Defensive Tackle

I first came to see Dr. Draeger because I kept hearing the guys in the locker room talk about Dr. Draeger and how much he’s helping them with some of their pains and stuff that they deal with. I had worked with different chiropractors…



Dr. Draeger is different from any other specialist I have been to before. He has his own way he does things, but the most important thing is that he listens. He considers what you may have going on, he considers advice you…