Gary Huempfner

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, Back Pain, Scar Tissue

Gary Huempfner had endured 5 back surgeries over the course of about 30  years.  Can you imagine?  5 back surgeries! The surgeries provided him relief, lasting anywhere from 2 to 14 years before he was in pain again and headed back in for another surgery.  After his fifth back surgery, the surgeon said that his arms literally ached from pulling apart all of the scar tissue in Gary’s back, and that no one would be able to operate on his back again.

Gary was suffering from what’s called Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.  To be clear, this does not mean that the surgeon did a poor job, or failed in any way.  But it does mean that the surgery did not resolve his chronic back pain.

The recurring back pain took a toll on Gary and his family.  There times that his wife had to help him put on his shoes and socks, and other times when here couldn’t leave is bed at all.  He felt terrible watching his wife have to do chores that he felt he should be doing, and he missed out on visits with his kids and grandkids.

When Gary found himself in pain again, he was willing to try anything to avoid another back surgery.  That is when Gary decided to try the non-surgical, drug-free pain relief options offered by Integrated Pain Solutions.  Over the course of 3 months of care, Gary said that his back got to feeling as good as it ever had. In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time it had felt that good.

“I’ve had some wonderful back surgeons, but if this treatment keeps you from having to have back surgery, it’s a blessing. I can’t tell you how much of a good blessing that is.”