I first saw Dr. Curt because I was having an issue with an injury that I had and I was seeking out other options, and I’ve been seeing him ever since then. So, I guess you could say it’s all still rehab for me. if my back’s hurting a little bit, or I have a knee hurting… I go address it with him and he’s usually able to help me out and usually I get relief in that aspect.

He offers a very unique style of treatment, you know, he does the chiropractic part but his laser treatment and the shockwave therapy are something that I haven’t experienced too many other places, so they’re very unique to what he’s able to give his patients.

It’s awesome. When I play, sometimes I have to take some pretty heavy anti-inflammatories and things of that nature.  To be able to go to someone and they can relieve that pain without having to take medicine or put you under the needle, it’s great. If you can get relief in a sense where you don’t have to do much harm to your body, then that’s what you really want to do.

As we like to say “my body is my business.”  This is how I make my money, how I make my living, and how I provide for my family.  So, taking the necessary approach to make sure my body feels 100% and having someone like Dr. Curt is great for my team.  Having someone locally with this kind of experience is great, because you know I don’t have to travel so far to see him – it’s kind of right in my back yard and I love that.

He’s a very kind person. He’s just an awesome guy.  I like going into his office because there are so many different people. You got guys… you know from football players to very old people… to young people.  You know his staff is very personable. It’s just a really nice place to go into, so you I can bring my daughter in there and she can hang out and everybody’s really nice. You never have any problems there, and he’s willing to help whoever walks through that front door.

The biggest thing with Dr. Curt is that he’s always going to try to make you feel good. It’s one of those things that you’re never going to feel worse leaving his office than you did going in. You can tell everyone leaves in a better mood and that’s the best part about it.