I had my strength coach in Jacksonville, when I first came into the league, he said, “your body is your corporation and that’s the most important thing is to take care of your body”. And so, what you put into it is going to help you to perform to the best or the worst of your abilities. And what Dr. Draeger does at Integrated Pain Solutions really helps out.
I’ve only been going to him for a couple months. I was having back issues and a lot of places really didn’t help me out and I had been struggling but he has helped me big time. He’s been huge. His new integrated technology (kind of like his company Integrated Pain Solutions) there are aren’t many people, if any, that do the same types of things that he does. He’s definitely an innovative guy, and I’ll be seeing a lot more of him.

Anything that’s not natural it’s not good for you, so it’s kind of nice to find different ways other than taking ibuprofen and that type of medicine stuff. You know try to find the right ways and the right stimulants in your body to help keep you clean which is huge.

When I go in for a session of laser therapy – you really don’t feel much at all, it’s a little heat on your skin, but for the most part it’s just a red laser and it does all the work. It’s a high wattage energy that goes into the cells of your body and it helps to accelerate the recovery process.

I feel a lot better after the therapies. My energy levels are higher because I feel better physically from the treatments. I feel that is huge, and that I don’t have to put the bad things in my body to feel better, that it’s not just a quick fix… it’s a permanent fix.

I think you’re going to be a bit skeptical when you see and hear about new technology and different therapies that you haven’t done before. But, when Dr. Draeger comes in and he tells you exactly what this machine does, what it’s going to do for you, and what’s going on through the process, I mean that’s going to make you feel better about what’s going on. You’re not just going in blindly and saying oh this could work… this is why it’s going to work and that’s kind of what separates him from a lot of people.

I’ve seen the progress and I’ve seen how much better I’ve felt over time, and it’s proven.

I mean, talk about enthusiasm. You walk in and the guy has a smile day in and day out, whether it’s at 7 o’clock in the morning when you go in or it’s the end of the day. He’s the same guy and those are the kinds of people you want to be around. The guys that bring the energy. He truly, genuinely cares about your well-being and making you better physically and as a person. So, it’s awesome being in there and I just… I get happier in the morning just by being there, so it’s awesome.

Dr. Draeger’s main objective is to be different. Is to be innovative. Is to find new ways for people who have been struggling for so long. Make them happy again, make them feel better.
Go in with an open mind, because it’s going to be new therapies, new technologies, things you haven’t heard of. And that’s the biggest thing, is just going there and be willing to try it and you’ll see results.