DAVON HOUSE, Cornerback

I got a little banged up during the summer and one of my teammates said, “you should go down the street, they do a great job over there in taking care of the guys”. The first day, I really didn’t know what to expect, but I’ve felt love ever since.

It’s hard to explain, but every Sunday, it’s like getting into a car wreck. So, we know that we have x amount of days to get back right. And it’s more than sitting in a cold tub, hot tub or just relaxing inside the warm pool – there’s extra stuff that you have to do. That’s why I love this clinic so much, because here’s another place that I can come for an extra hour, hour and a half. It’s huge for what I do.

Before, I would feel like my body kind of locked up. Either it’s my hip, my low back, or what not. And I used to get that, quite frankly, a lot. And, now, I haven’t had it since seeing the docs here. Which is good. I was able to sleep better, do my daily activities without limping, without struggling. Everything is just a lot better.

The laser therapy, it really just feels like a hot light that’s on you. It’s very warm, doesn’t hurt at all. It takes 15-20 minutes. I love it. I get it done to multiple parts of my body – anything that’s sore, hurts, is aching – that’s the first thing we do is the laser therapy.

I trust all the doctors here, from top to bottom. I trust them so much that my wife even comes here. The docs here are a second family, really.

I thank them so much, because without them, my job would be that much harder, my daily activities would be that much harder. They’ve allowed me here with open arms to do whatever they can to try and make my daily activities and work easier for me. It says a lot about them.