DAVID BAKHTIARI, Offensive Tackle

I have my certain things I do to get ready physically for my job, and I don’t like to stray from what I know. But coming here and meeting with Dr. Curt, working with him, and seeing the results has definitely brought me back. I haven’t stopped showing up since my first day.

I would say the care is very progressive. He’s always trying to stay ahead of the curve. He’s always trying to find the next best thing, while trying to still maintain his roots. I think it shows by the people who want to work with him.

Laser therapy is new technology that’s cutting edge, and it works. Simple, to the point. I’ve had laser therapy before, but I haven’t had type of power that he has in his lasers. I joke around and call the other lasers “flashlights” now, because compared to what he has here, those are flashlights.

The care has made my everyday living easier. I have issues in my knees, and to take away the knee joint pain and for everyday living is amazing. For him to get me as close as I can to feeling as best I can for my job helps me both on and off the field.

His staff is amazing. They’re very nice and very professional. Dr. Curt is professional too, but we also joke around a lot. We have a lot of fun. At the end of the day, you can kind of tell who a person is, and he’s a very heartwarming, good individual. Especially if I’m here with my parents, and all of us can sense the same thing – that he’s looking out for your best interests.

For us to come here for sports therapy is not required. It’s not on a schedule; it’s voluntary. I don’t have to show up here for anything. I choose to show up here. I find that very unbelievable the fact that I’m fortunate that I get to work with him.