Craig Olson Testimonial

Following a shoulder injury, Craig endured constant pain and struggled to lift his arm above his head. And as the condition got progressively worse, tasks, such as putting on a sweater or t-shirt, became a daily challenge.

Craig consulted with a local joint specialist who recommended an invasive surgery. However, after researching the procedure's success rate and rehabilitation time, he opted to explore alternative treatments.

Upon the recommendation of a friend of his wife, Craig scheduled a consultation with Integrated Pain Solutions and met with Dr. Grant. After Dr. Grant assured him of a potential 75-80% improvement in his condition and pain relief, Craig proceeded with the treatment. He was also impressed by Dr. Grant's thorough explanation of what was wrong with his shoulder.

After undergoing a comprehensive treatment regimen involving chiropractic adjustments, shockwave therapy and high-intensity laser therapy, Craig wakes up in the morning pain-free and has no trouble using a chainsaw or playing 18 holes of golf – activities that were unthinkable before seeking help from Integrated Pain Solutions.

“The expectation level was that it was going to be 75-80% helpful, and they exceeded that! I was astounded by that!”