Chronic Pain Webinar

Do You Have Chronic Pain?

Join Dr. Curt Draeger in this webinar from Integrated Pain Solutions.

Watch our video to learn more about chronic pain and what you can do about it. Dr. Draeger will guide you through the causes of chronic pain and help you understand why it is so difficult to treat it permanently.

Dr. Draeger explains two important facets of chronic pain: your body’s memory for pain and the development of scar tissue. Scar tissue is packed with pain fibers and builds extremely quickly. A lot of pain treatments do not adequately address scar tissue and your body’s pain memory. This is one of the main reasons why these treatments fail. Dr. Draeger will explain the importance of these in detail so that you can better understand your own pain.

This webinar also looks at the importance of keeping your joints moving. You have to both stop the pain and keep the joints moving. Dr. Draeger explains why this is absolutely essential for addressing chronic pain and treating it in a sustainable way.

In short, Dr. Draeger will walk you through these three things in our webinar:

  1. Why you’re in pain
  2. Why other therapies haven’t worked (or have only been temporary)
  3. What makes Integrated Pain Solutions different and why those differences matter

This webinar is a great place to start your journey on understanding and overcoming your chronic pain. You don’t have to be left in the dark. The team at Integrated Pain Solutions can help.

Integrated Pain Solutions offers an exclusive program, not available anywhere else in the world. We proudly serve areas throughout Wisconsin, with offices located in Mosinee and Antigo. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have or to schedule a consultation today.