Bonnie Evenson

Post-Surgical Knee Pain, Scar Tissue

“My knee and leg were like a pillar of stone”

Bonnie had both knees replaced.  One healed beautifully, but the other did not.  For three years, she struggled through post-surgery rehab and therapy, only remain in constant pain and unable to bend her leg.  On a scale of 1 – 10, Bonnie rated her pain a 15 or 20.

As a dairy farm woman, Bonnie had chores to do and it broke her heart that she couldn’t keep up with her 12 grandkids.

Bonnie had seen many different doctors, wasted a lot of time and money, and was still in severe pain.  When saw television ad about scar tissue, she was hopeful that she finally had someone who could give her some help.

The therapies, care, and encouragement were unlike anything she had ever experienced.  She appreciated the amount of information that the doctors shared with her, because at times, the progress was slow going.  In the end, she adopted the doctors and staff as a part of her family.

In her words, Bonnie “owes her life to Integrated Pain Solutions.”