BJ RAJI, Defensive Tackle

Every game is different and you don’t necessarily know how it’s going to come out physically, so having someone like Dr. Curt who is available and willing to help you no matter what happens, that’s a good feeling. After one of our games this year, I kind of tweaked my groin. Luckily for me, Dr. Curt was at the game. He drove his family home (which is like an hour and a half away), and then he drove back to treat me with the high intensity laser therapy. Because of him I only missed one game.

He definitely has access to a lot of technology that a lot of the guys don’t have access to. His advancement in technology and his knowledge allow him to constantly evolve his joint, muscle, and sports therapy work, and that’s what I’m interested in.

My mobility has definitely benefited from the care. He definitely has realigned some things that had become misaligned through the years of playing football. And having a few of my own injuries in the past, coming here and being able to see what he was able to do and seeing how different my body felt, I was sold at that point.

Doc is obviously serious about his job, but he has a way about him that makes your experience with him enjoyable. He’s down to earth, cracking jokes, telling stories… he’s one of those guys that without having known him for a long period of time, you feel comfortable.

I’ve told teammates of mine who have been dealing with injuries to give him a shot. I have all confidence that when guys come, whatever they need done, Dr. Draeger would take care of it.