Ashton Eaton

Decathlete 2-time Olympic Gold medalist, World Record Holde

Ashton Eaton is an Olympic Decathlete, two-time Gold Medalist and World Record holder (2012-2018).  He worked with Dr. Curt Draeger both at the Olympic Games and during training for physical rehabilitation and recovery.  Decathletes are known as the World’s Greatest Athletes, due to the number of different events that they must master in order to compete, including throwing (javelin, discus, shot put), running (100 meters, 400 meters, 1500 meters, 110 high hurdles), and jumping (high jump, long jump, pole vault).

Eaton relies on High Intensity Laser Therapy for its ability for it to attack acute areas to accelerate the healing process, providing joint pain relief and aiding in his recovery.  He also values the fact that it is drug free and non invasive.

“Dr. Draeger’s treatment approach is really holistic, so if you tell him that you have a problem or that this issue is kind of nagging you and chronic or it’s brand new – whatever the case may be – what he does is typically start from ground zero. Let’s look your whole body over and see where your problem may be originating from, and I like that approach. Rather than treating the specific thing that may be bothering you, Dr. Draeger says ‘Well, let’s find the cause and your problems should subside.'”