Amanda Olson

Shoulder Injury and Scar Tissue Buildup

Amanda found herself experiencing moderate to severe shoulder pain after being in a car accident in 2016. With three younger kids and a love for fun family activities, Amanda found doing the things she loved more and more difficult. Even holding her children became too painful. She then suffered through several doctors, procedures, MRIs, and more rounds of physical therapy than she cares to remember. Nothing was giving her the relief she needed. That is, until she came across Integrated Pain Solutions.

After receiving a recommendation from a friend, Amanda decided to give Integrated Pain Solutions a chance. It was the first time she experienced hope in a long while. Now Amanda receives High Intensity Laser Therapy on her neck and shoulders. She describes it as warm, relaxing, and, most importantly, extremely effective in helping her find relief from her shoulder pain. She experienced a difference after her very first appointment, and she even got insights into the nature of her pain — something that was lacking from her previous doctors. Amanda had hope. Describing the doctors at Integrated Pain Solutions as “compassionate, caring, trustworthy and kind”, Amanda has found a lasting and effective treatment that helps her live life pain free.